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Autumn 2015 NYSARC chapters from all around the state are united in the advocacy effort It Matters To Me. This advocacy effort is a way of educating and requesting that our elected and State officials realize that the critical services that are needed for our family members should not be jeopardized or taken away because of misguided and harmful fiscal policies being generated from Washington. The issues listed below need to be conveyed to our legislators and the Governor The need for new day and residential services especially for people living at home with elderly parents. The ability to recruit and retain direct support professionals who are underpaid and provide critical supports to the peo- ple we support through enhanced compensation. If the Governor can approve a wage increase to 15.oo for fast food workers then surely he can and should do that for the staff taking care of people with developmental disabilities. The need to have a full range of employment options and opportunities from work centers to community employment. The need for enhanced and adequate funding to keep preschool programs like Roosevelt Childrens Center from closing due to insufficient operating revenues. For additional information please go to our web site at . Please consider becoming member of the ARC your commitment to and advocacy for the people and programs of Wayne ARC matters. a message from David Calhoun Executive Director a message from CJ Britt Board President As we near the end of 2015 we can reflect on this past year as both challenging and rewarding for the Agency and for the people and families it supports. Funding streams have continued to change and in many cases decrease. This trend will continue as managed care replaces fee for service. Other sources of revenue including grants fundraising and donations have become increasingly important. Earlier this year the Agency received a BIP Balancing Incentive Program grant of over 200000. The grant funded rede- sign projects in the workshop and in residential services and paid for POMS Personal Outcome Measures training for sev- eral staff members. The Agency also received two NYSARC grants to fund the Guardianship program and provide recrea- tional opportunities for people the Agency serves. A grant from the Rochester Community Foundation Wayne County En- dowment Fund was used to purchase gym mats at the Roosevelt Childrens Center. Proceeds from the Agencys various 2015 fundraisers including the annual golf tournament and the Toasting Possibilities wine tasting will be used to fund grant requests from Wayne ARC programs to the Arc of Wayne Foundation. Grants and fundraising proceeds are a good start but we must continue to look for ways to secure the future of the Agen- cy. One way all of us can help is through donations. Please consider including Wayne ARC in your 2015 and 2016 charitable giving plans. Your generosity and support is more important than ever as we approach the new year and new challenges. At the November Board of Directors meeting we were joined by Gehrig Lohrmann our newest Board member. Congratulations to Gehrig and welcome aboard. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season Wayne ARC raised over 25000 at their 33rd Annual Golf Tournament held at Wayne Hills Country Club on the 22nd of June. We were proud to once again have Lyons National Bank as our overall sponsor. Platinum Sponsors of the event were Ely Leene Mead Maloy Dobbins Drugs Old Lyons Hardware and Relph Benefit Advisors. The success of this tourna- ment is attributed to generous sponsorship enthusiastic golfers and countless contributions of time and energy by committee members and volunteers. The committee is comprised of Steve Felker and Tim Cappon Ely LeeneMead-Maloy Agency both having served for 26 years Darren Brentnall Lyons National Bank John Tickner 1420 WACK Big Dog Country David Calhoun Executive Director of Wayne ARC and Tracy Crosby Sue Kell Terri Skinner and Sue Bryant all of Wayne ARC. Prior to play golfers were treated to a powerful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Patricia Grimes who is served by Wayne ARC. We were also delighted to have Katie Vowell and Thomas DePew also served by Wayne ARC join us for the day. The tournament boasts several events most notably a hole in one contest sponsored by Concord Ford a putting contest and a closest to the pin contest in memory of Bill Patterson the founder of the event. The putting contest this year was sponsored by Wayne Coopera- tive Insurance Company and was by won by Eris Karns who received a gas grill donated by Wayne Coop. The memorial closest to the pin contest sponsored by Ely Leene Mead Maloy Insurance Agency was won by Bob Smith who received a 250.00 cash prize. The winning scratch foursome was Dave Sholes Dave Alena Steve Moore and Steve Veeder. The winning net foursome was Nadi Bueso Jorge Bueso Rick Santell and Chris Parker. The winner of our annual 5050 raffle was Cindy Neill. The generosity of the day was overwhelming and so appreciated. Save the Date Our 34th Annual Tournament will be held on June 27th 2016 33rd Annual Golf Tournament Raises Over 25000 Our second annual Toasting Possibilities took place on October 16th 2015 at Blue Heron Hills Golf Club. Over 6000 was raised to benefit the Arc of Wayne Foundation. Special thanks to our Commemorative Poster Artist Lorraine Staunch for her stunning contribution to our event. The event would not be possible without our Sponsors Donors Vendors Attendees Lead Sponsors Hayes Asset Management LLC 1420 WACK Radio Relph Benefit Advisors The Bonadio Group Supporting Sponsors Carol Kenyon Ely LeeneMead Maloy Insurance Lyons National Bank Contributing Sponsors George Kathleen Denniston Reliant Community Credit Union Donating Sponsors Dobbins DrugsOld Lyons Hardware Scientific Polymers Driftpoint Meda David Helen Calhoun Steve Sue Kell Misc. Donors Sponsors Sharon Boyd Casa Larga Vineyards Lyons Liquor Blue Heron Hills Golf Club Richard Kenyon Crosman Corporation Fox Grass Hannelora Helmuth Reinhardt Helen Calhoun John Hendry Museum of Wayne County History Kerra Rank Lorraine Staunch Mike Kiel Newark WalMart Newark Wegmans Dorothy Howland RCC Room 128 staff RCC OTPT Dept. Sherry Marche Sodus Bay Heights Golf Club Tire Rack VB Brewery Alice Delamarter Carol Brockway Wayne ARC Receives Bus Grant Transportation Services has received a Section 5310 Grant for the purchase of two new buses. Section 5310 is a federal discretionary capital assistance program established in 1975 and operated in New York State through the Department of Transportation. In cas- es where public transportation is inadequate or inappro- priate the program awards grants to private non-profit organizations to serve the transportation needs of elder- ly people and persons with disabilities. The grant re- quires a proportion of matching funds from the grantee agency. Wayne ARC received 133716 which will be used for the purchase of two buses. A mid-size bus with five spac- es for wheelchairs and flip seats will be purchased. The second vehicle will be a 28 passenger bus with two wheelchair spaces and flip seats. WAYNE ARC PARTNERS WITH SODUS CENTRAL SCHOOLS Wayne ARC and the Sodus Central School District have partnered and established a prevocational and life skills program for students in the district who experience developmental disabilities. The purpose of the program which started at the beginning of the current school year is to fully prepare the stu- dents for work after high school. Students spend half of each school day in academic instruction with a teacher employed by the Sodus Central School District. The other half is spent with a school instructor employed by Wayne ARC. The life skills portion of the Wayne ARC segment teaches skills that are necessary or desirable for full participa- tion in everyday life. These include decision making problem solving creative thinking critical thinking commu- nication coping with stress resilience personal care and a host of other skills. The prevocational portion includes a wide array of skill development activities. Students complete assessments through which they determine their vocational skills needs and preferences. They learn the job search process from writing a resume to how to conduct ones self on the job. Its great to see how motivated everyone is said School Instructor Desir Cruz. Keeping the students motivat- ed is a big part of Desirs job. She is not spending her days simply teaching prevocational and life skills. Behind the scenes she researches and implements interesting and active learning opportunities for the four students currently in the program. She plans to have a minimum of one classroom visitor and one field trip every month. Sodus Police Chief Bill Critchfield recently came to the program and discussed how he obtained his job his edu- cation the skills he needs in order to do his job and what his job entails. The students first field trip was to a grocery store to research the various jobs performed there. One of the students who is interested in basketball is shadowing the school districts athletic director in order to learn the day-to-day activities of that position. A musically-inclined student is shadowing both the band and choir directors. Another student is working on office skills in the counseling office. Wayne ARC took part in the STOP HUNGER NOW event that took place on Septem- ber 18th and 19th at St. Marks Episcopal Church in Newark. This was an oppor- tunity for people to help out in the community and affect the world. The local community set their goal at providing more than 30000 meal packages to feed those that suffer from hunger throughout the world. They also made a monetary goal of over 8700. Those who attended said that this event was an eye-opening and exciting experience. In- structions were given in an informational and ex- citing way. Organizers had stations prepared and placed the groups of people in them as they ar- rived. At the start time a gong was sounded and music filled the room. The volunteers helped out in any way they could to complete the tasks at hand. Wayne ARC looks forward to partnering in this event again in the future. The events are part of It Matters to Me a statewide grassroots advocacy campaign organized by NYSARC Inc. designed to share the personal compelling stories and circumstances of concerned families and providers on the issues that matter most to them. IT MATTERS TO ME KEY ISSUES Residential housing and other opportunities for people with IDD living at home with aging caregivers Thousands of families statewide live in constant fear as to who will take care of their sons and daughters when they are unable to do so. Employment NYSARC is advocating for the conversion of workshops into integrated businesses so that people with developmental disabilities have the choice to earn a paycheck and work alongside their friends and colleagues con- sistent with the individuals wishes and the Olmstead Supreme Court decision. Wages Direct Support Professionals DSP are the foundation of New Yorks system of supports for people with IDD. With newly adopted minimum wage increases for fast food workers NYSARC contends consideration should also be made for DSPs including the immediate and significant adjustment in approved rates fees and state contracts to en- sure the ongoing financial viability of IDD providers. Preschools Preschools that serve children with IDD are paid significantly less than it costs to operate these programs. NYSARC Chapters can no longer offer programs that operate at a deficit and thus jeopardize the entire agency. Please send letters to Gov. Andrew Cuomo sharing the key issues in the It Matters To Me campaign and how they personally impact YOU. Ask the Governor to include funding for residential services wage increases for direct support professionals and preschool funding in the state budget. Explain how each of these issues and employment choice are important to you and your community and why the time to act is now. Letters should be mailed to The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo Governor of New York State NYS State Capitol Building Albany NY 12224 In addition make sure to write your Legislator and send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper sharing the key issues in the It Matters To Me campaign. Follow all the latest campaign news on NYSARCs social media sites. Use the hashtag ItMattersToMe To bring attention to critical issues affecting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities IDD and their families and provid- ers and staff dedicated to serving them NYSARC Chapters statewide will conduct awareness events throughout this fall. These events will include town hall meetings familylegislative breakfasts news conferences media roundtables and visits with their Legislators in November. Watch for news of Wayne ARCs involvement in this campaign. Every one of these Key Issues impacts our agency the people we serve and their families. Have an opinion or a story you would like told Contact us at 315.331.7741 x 347 or email . Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world indeed its the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead FAREWELL AND THANK YOU ESSIE BARNES How do you adequately thank someone who has given 33 years of time energy and intellect to a cause Essie Barnes joined our Board of Directors in 1982 and has been a steadfast advocate for the people we serve ever since. She has served tirelessly on a multitude of committees two of which required a tremendous amount of time Guardianship and Incident Review. In 2014 Essie was recognized as our Volunteer of the Year for her vast and lasting im- pact. Essie has lived a life of service and benevolence and her contributions to Wayne ARC will forever be etched on our agencys history. Best wishes Essie and Thank You. Pathway To Employment Achievement Paul Gallo had been working at a janitorial site however he was not happy with the hours and he was working alone. Paul was provided information of different programs to help assist him with finding something different. Paul chose Path- way To Employment. He began in October 2014. Paul identified his interest in stocking shelves when beginning the program. Paul had the opportunity to stock shelves at a retail department store as one of the vocational observationvolunteer activities. After performing a total of 20 hours Paul reported Its not what I thought it would be. He then decided it was not going to be his first choice in a job. Paul then tried working in a nursery where he re-potted tree seedlings. He reported he liked this however it was seasonal work if a job was pursued. Paul had expressed interest in TOPS Market in Walworth being close to his home. Through Pathway To Employment a vocational observation activity was arranged. Paul was able to assist in the produce department sorting fruits and vege- tables perishables and prepared corn on the cob to package among other tasks. Paul seemed to become more comfort- able each time he went and reported he liked it. Paul completed 31.5 hours and was getting close to the end of the Pathway To Employment program. TOPS produce manager developed an interest in hiring after noting Paul had good qualities to add to their business. Paul accepted the job offer to work in the produce department and was officially hired on October 16 2015. Paul now works four days per week preparing cut fruits and vegetables. Paul has acknowledged that he enjoyed the Pathway To Employment program as he was able to exploreexperience different options for employment. L. Paul Gallo R. Jesse L. Asst. Produce Manager L-R CJ Britt Board President Essie Barnes Gehrig Lohrmann has joined our Board of Directors to fulfill the vacancy left by Essie Barnes retirement. Gehrig is a graduate of Lyons High School and Finger Lakes Community College. He is the parent of a child with disabilities and brings with him that essential perspective. His daughter attended Roosevelt Childrens Center and is now attending the Midlakes BOCES Program. In the not too distant future he and his wife Sarah will be faced with many critical decisions regarding their daughters future. Gehrig has been employed by Canandaigua National Bank for 14 years. He also serves as a Board Member for the Lyons Heritage Society the Canandaigua Rotary Club and FLACRA. We look forward to Gehrigs contributions and leadership and appreciate his commitment to our agency. Interested in Career or Volunteer Opportunities at Wayne ARC Check us out at www.waynearc careers-volunteers WELCOME GEHRIG LOHRMANN AROUND THE ARC Volcano Day Veterans Day United Way Day of Caring Staff Appreciation RCC Super Hero Halloween Volunteer Recognition A World of Possibilities What does that mean To the more than 1400 multi-age individuals with developmental disabilities we serve that means advocacy support work socialization opportunity encouragement even home. It means a sense of purpose and of accomplishment a place in the world . To the parents and family of those we serve it means the fulfillment of every parents dream for their child that they have true opportunity for growth and happiness that they feel needed and that they really are needed that they have the chance to greet everyday knowing that the day holds real potential . To those we employ it means fulfilling enriching work. It means exchanging their time not only for income and terrific benefits but exchanging their time for the good of others for the good of those we serve. It means the opportunity to walk away knowing that they have positively affected lives. To the communities we touch it means engagement. It means a presence not only a physical but a fiscal presence as we strive continually to give back to the towns and villages of Wayne County. To our business partners it means true partnership. To some it means a strong dependable workforce. To some it means honest communication and loyal patronage. To some it means the peace of mind that only comes when doing business with an agency with an over forty year history. To you we hope it means just that - Possibility. We hope it means a place in your community you can count on to be working tenaciously for the greater good. A place poised to grow change innovate to meet the needs of every individ- ual in need of our services- perhaps your child your family member your friend. For all that this World of Possibilities means to so many we ask that you please consider contributing to our Annual Appeal in whatever way you are able. A postage paid pledge envelope is enclosed for your convenience or to contribute on-line please visit us at Thank you. Warmest regards David Calhoun CJ Britt Executive Director President Board of Directors WAYNE ARC AWARDED NYSARC TRUST GRANTS The Trustees of the NYSARC Trusts provided Wayne ARC with an 8000.00 grant to support recreational opportunities for people supported through its services and programs. In December of 2014 one hundred and forty individuals served by Wayne ARC were able to participate in a holiday celebration through the generous recreation money provid- ed by the NYSARC Trust Service Remainder Funds. Each individual received a gift card to celebrate the holidays. The decision to hold a holiday celebration and provide gift cards was made based on the request of individuals served. Without the very generous funding of the NYSARC Trust this joyous occasion would not have been possible. For many individuals this is the only holiday celebration they will participate in. It provided everyone present the opportunity to engage with one another in a non-work program setting. We plan to utilize this years grant funds in the same fashion this year. In addition remainder fund grants totaling 1466000 were awarded to support NYSARC guardianship programs statewide. A total of 1874000 in remainder grants were awarded in 2015 to support recreation and guardianship statewide. NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts that enable people with disabilities to remain in their home and community while retaining Medicaid services and other government benefits. Information is availa- ble on how NYSARC Trust Services may benefit you website phone 1-518-439-8323 toll free phone 1-800-735-8924 or e-mail PBIS COMES TO RCC In August Roosevelt began the 3 to 5 year process of creating a school-wide Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support PBIS program. PBIS is a systems approach designed to enhance the capacity of schools to educate all students es- pecially students with challenging behaviors and adopt and sustain the use of best practices of teaching both academic skills and social behavior. There are a number of school districts within Wayne County that are in this 3 to 5 year process of cre- ating a system wide PBIS program however Roosevelt is the first preschool pro- gram in the Finger Lakes area to enter into the PBIS process. To design this system Roosevelt has created its own PBIS team which will have the responsibility of guiding the creation of the school-wide program. The team is comprised of Lynne Ward Director Shirley Scarfia Assistant Director Vicki Sack- ett School Psychologist Louise Jones School Psychologist Beth Brewer Special Ed. Teacher Sue Everdyke Special Ed. Teacher Melanie Gerlach Speech Language Pathologist Deb Schallmo Occupational Therapist Kim Anstee 11 Aide and Sara Thompson Early Childhood Instruc- tor. As the first preschool program in the area to enter into the PBIS process the team is fortunate to have the assis- tance of Christopher Singer Preschool Behavioral Specialist from the Midwest Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center in Rochester as they move through this process. The Roosevelt PBIS team began in August with a full day of training on August 10th . Since that time the team has been meeting regularly with Mr. Singer and has started with facilitating partici- pation of the whole school in creating and choosing a school-wide mascot and school-wide behav- ior expectations. The staff has also participated in identifying behaviors which are the most prob- lematic in the classrooms. On Oct. 9th the staff selected mascot was introduced to the whole staff at a training event on PBIS. The new mascot Rocky the Raccoon has three rules for children to strive for 1. We take care of ourselves 2. We take care of each other and 3. We take care of our world. Sue Everdyke has been brave enough to create and dress as Rocky the Raccoon both for staff and now for the children. The staff and students have had a lot of fun with this process and been able to focus on some simple rules to live by both in and out of school. Since this is a 3 to 5 year process there is more work to be done so stay tuned as we continue this process of PBIS with our friend at RCC Rocky ST. MICHAELS DONATES PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT St. Michaels Catholic Church in Newark has donated the playground equipment from St. Michaels School to Roosevelt Childrens Center. The large piece of equipment including climbers and slides will be in- stalled in one of the playgrounds at RCC. The pro- cess of removing the equipment and installing it at RCC should happen in the spring. The staff and stu- dents of Roosevelt Childrens Center would like to thank Gary D. Pierce Business Manager Father Felix and the St. Michaels finance committee for their generous donation. The students at RCC will enjoy many hours of play on the new equipment. RCC RECEIVES GRANT FROM WAYNE COUNTY ENDOWMENT FUND Roosevelt Childrens Center applied for and received a 3000 grant from the Wayne County Endowment Fund to purchase new mats for our gym. Many of the old mats were at least 25 years old and were ripped and falling apart. With the purchase of 12 new mats RCC will be able to throw away the old ones rather than try- ing to repair them as we have done for several years. The mats are used under and around many of the pieces of climbing equipment used in RCCs gym on a daily basis. We would like to express our gratitude to the Wayne County Endowment for awarding RCC this grant. JENNIFER SIMPSON CHOSEN AS 1 of 8 PERSON CENTERED PLANNER THINKER TRAINERS BRIAN HIXSON RECIEVES 2015 JOSLIN AWARD Brian Hixson has worked hard over the past few years to improve his overall work performance and become a self-starter. After graduating from high school Brian worked at several jobs stocking shelves where he felt unfulfilled and didnt see any future. Brian began working for Wayne ARC as a janitor on the mobile crew in early 2006. He liked the job and within a few months was given an opportunity to get a position on a NYSID Preferred Source cleaning crew. Brian did a fair job and needed some supervision to assist getting the daily tasks completed. When another member of his cleaning crew left to join another cleaning con- tract two years ago Brian and the remaining crew members decided they would take on the added responsibilities until a permanent replace- ment could be found. As a result of taking on the extra work during that time Brian has made notable outstanding improvements at work over past two years. He has improved his attendance completes his duties with little or no supervision and takes the initiative to complete tasks outside of his assigned responsibilities as they arise. One of his most out- standing contributions is in customer service. At his job site there have been some customers that are very de- manding. Brians kindness and positive attitude toward helping to please them has drastically improved this cus- tomer relationship. Brian is also a devoted husband and father. His son is currently in his senior year in high school and also attends the auto tech program at B.O.C.E.S. in Wayne County. His son aspires to someday work as an auto mechanic on a pit crew for a racing team. During the past few years Brian has proven to be an outstanding performer at work with a strong sense of family values. His independence and personal growth are why we are proud to announce that Brian Hixson is a 2015 Wil- liam B. Joslin Outstanding Performer Award Winner. l-r Kevin Berry Associate Executive Director Brian Hixon Award Recipient Don Lewis Janitorial Services Manager Mishelle Hironimus Lead JanitorSupervisor Jennifer Simpson a Wayne ARC Residential Program Coordinator is currently a Person Cen- tered Thinking Training Candidate along with 7 other professionals going through this pro- cess. She will be fully certified by December 3 2015 to be a Person Centered Thinking Trainer. She will have attended the 2 day Person Centered Thinking Training as well as the Person Centered Planning Training. She will then be certified to complete Person Centered Plans after practice and review by her Mentor Tanya Richmond. She is in the process of completing the Person Centered Thinking 2 day presentations with the observations by her mentor. She will be doing this twice accompanied by feedback. She will be required to complete the 2 day presentations at minimum 3 times per year either within Wayne ARC or other agencies in New York State as well as throughout the U.S. if needed. She will not charge for this service only for accommodations at agencies. An agency that chooses to hold a Person Centered Thinking class may charge per person as they choose. This is the choice of the Agency. The information in this ses- sion is also available for any format in the human service field such as Mental Health Veterans aging chil- dren. These sessions are 2 days in which professionals in any level will learn the foundation of how to think person centered and improve upon current practices in place. They will also be provided with tools that they will practice in order to utilize them within their own fieldwork. The means of implementation within an agency are endless and can include level one changes such as using thinking methods within the homes or within the workshop inter- actions up to changes in valued outcomes implementation of person centered behavior plans crisis team imple- mentation policies surrounding person centered planning options problem solving team members as well as p roper focus on the connection between POMS and Person Centered ThinkingPlanning. We congratulate Jennifer on being selected to carry out this important directive. Wildcats Softball Celebrates 10 Years The Wayne ARC Wildcats softball team celebrated their 10th year this past season. The Wild- cats began in 2005 with 11 players and has since expanded to over 30 players in the 2015 sea- son. The 2015 Wildcat players were divided into two teams and practiced hard every week starting in July and ending in early October. They played a total of five games this season. Scoring was kept during the game but quickly forgotten afterwards as everyone played mostly for fun We would like to give a huge thanks to the MSC department for developing a softball team and playing against the Wildcats twice at the end of the season. The players truly enjoyed every minute of it The entire season was a lot of fun for both players and coaches. Thank you to everyone who helped to make the 2015 Season a huge success. Arc of Wayne Foundation Holds Annual Meeting The Arc of Wayne Foundation held their Annual Meeting on June 12 2015. John Tickner WACKWUUF Radio PresCEO was re- elected to a third term as President. Hannelora Rein- hardt was re-elected to a third term as Secretary. The Board evaluated applications for funding. Twenty two applications were received and fourteen awards were made. The total dollar value of all awards was 28504. Awards include funding for Sensory Room upgrades in Wayne ARCs Day Habilitation Program Guitar Lessons for an individual served by Wayne ARC Games and Equipment to be utilized by the Community Services Program and upgraded gym equipment for Roosevelt Childrens Cen- ter. Information regarding funding opportunities for 2016 will be made available in March of 2016. At this meeting the Board also appointed Dave Johnson the Director of Foundation. Dave will assume responsi- bility for the day-to-day responsibilities of the Founda- tion. Dave has been with Wayne ARC in various capaci- ties since 1997 serving as Project Coordinator since 2005. The Arc of Wayne Foundation was created to exclusively support Wayne ARC by con- ducting fund raising activities soliciting and accepting donat- ed funds grants bequests devises trust remainders and oth- er gifts and donations and managing administering and dis- tributing funds andor assets to or for the benefit of Wayne ARC. Wayne ARC Represented on SEMP Panel Representatives from Wayne ARC were invited to partici- pate in a panel discussion in Albany October 21 regarding the redesign of OPWDD Supported Employment SEMP Services. Wayne ARC earned a space on the panel held at the NYSARC Executive Directors Association meeting because the Agency had the distinction of being one of four ARC chapters in New York State to implement the July 1 Sup- ported Employment redesign without sustaining a result- ant loss of funding. Troy Horton Vocational Services Co- ordinator and Kevin Berry Associate Executive Director represented Wayne ARC on the panel. The panels purpose was for the panelists to share their successful strategies with the other NYSARC chapters. The SEMP redesign included a change in the way agencies bill the State for provision of SEMP services to individuals. The SEMP billing structure went from agencies docu- menting and billing for a few interactions with each indi- vidual every month to documenting every 15 minute in- terval during which each individual received any SEMP ser- vices. This greatly increased both the amount of docu- mentation required regarding service delivery and the number of staff who must provide documentation. Kevin Berry attributed Wayne ARCs success on being pro- active. The SEMP leadership developed a thorough under- standing of the new regulations and interpreted them in a manner that was person-centered and fiscally prudent while staying within the confines of the program. The Agency examined the fiscal ramifications of the redesign and developed strategies to lessen negative effects. The biggest asset we had according to Kevin Berry was the staffs willingness to accept change understand the importance of what they were doing and ensure that the work was done and the regulations were followed. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK TO VIEW PHOTOS FROM EVENTS TO GET INFO ON FUTURE EVENTS The Holidays Are Coming The spirit of Christmas is found when we lift the load of others. Toni Sorenson Dont miss this one day opportunity for unprecedented giving. Join us as we ROC the Day for RCC RooseveltChildrensCenter Though a spirited exciting time for most of us the holidays can be a lonely and difficult time for many of the people we serve. We do our best to provide meals gifts toys and experiences for as many as we can through internal donations but with our rapidly growing client base we feel destined to fall short. Should you be inclined to contribute to our Holiday efforts simply send a check payable to Wayne ARC Holidays or log on to our website Click on the DONATE tab and then the red HOLIDAY button. If you have ques- 34th Annual Golf Tournament Monday June 27th 2016 Wayne Hills Country Club 2250 Gannet Road . Lyons . NY For more information All proceeds benefit 150 VanBuren Street Newark NY 14513 find us on facebook Wayne ARC a parent based organization advocates for and serves persons of all ages with or without special needs. The Agency assists individuals in taking their full independent productive place in society through an array of quality individualized services. BOARD OF DIRECTORS CJ Britt President Carol Kenyon 1st Vice President Sharon Boyd 2nd Vice President Dorothy Howland Secretary Sandy Woodard Treasurer BOARD OF GOVERNORS REPRESENTATIVES Sharon Boyd Carol Kenyon DIRECTORS Bret Vanzo Hannelora Reinhardt Gehrig Lohrmann Patricia Grimes Todd Goddard Hugh Miner Kathleen Denniston EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR David C. Calhoun ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Donna Granger Using Your Gifts Wisely You can donate to Wayne ARC with Confidence knowing that your gifts are being used to enhance the lives of over 1500 individuals throughout Wayne County living with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Wayne ARC is a 501c3 organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You Can Make A Difference Your support makes a life changing difference. Please call us at 315.331.7741 or visit to make a contribution of time talent or treasure or to support us with your membership. United Way of Wayne County or current resident