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Why I Work at Wayne ARC

Gina Buisch, Direct Support Professional

Gina Buisch, Direct Support Professional, 11 years

What is the most gratifying part of your work?
The best part of my job is helping individuals feel good about themselves by challenging them to see that they are capable of doing more than others thought they could do.

Can you share one of the most touching moments you have experienced while working for
Wayne ARC?

I worked with an individual who had very low self-esteem and thought that they weren't capable of doing anything for themself. We started out with a small goal of having them bring down their laundry and worked our way up from there. Once this goal was mastered we moved onto another. I have seen such personal growth in this individual and am so proud of her. She feels better about herself and her abilities.

What would you like the world to know about your work - positive & negative?
Working as a DSP you need to be accepting of change. You are not simply a care giver. You are a social worker, a friend, a teacher, a nurse, and a "mom." Depending on how the day goes you might have to be all of these during 1 shift. As a DSP you are a role model and these individuals look to you for guidance so every day you must do your best work. Working as a DSP can be frustrating at times because our individuals easily want to give up when working on something that is difficult. They need a lot of encouragement, but when they reach their goal it's an amazing feeling for you and them.

What led you to work for Wayne Arc?
While in high school I had joined the Rain Man club and enjoyed working with individuals with developmental disabilities. I wanted to continue working with this population.


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