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Guardianship is the establishment of substitute decision making for personal care and/or property management, through a legal proceeding, for those individuals determined to be incapable of managing their own affairs.

Why Should Guardianship be Considered?

In New York State, parents of persons who are developmentally disabled are considered the natural or legal guardian of their child until the child's eighteenth birthday. After the child reaches age 18, he/she is considered to be legally competent and parents' rights are no longer recognized by law.

Wayne ARC provides guardianship services and assistance to families in planning for the future needs of their developmentally disabled family members. We can help with information and education about estate planning, wills, and other legal considerations. We can provide referrals to experienced attorneys as well as to alternative programs.

Call 315-331-7741
If you have further questions regarding Guardianship, please contact us at 315-331-7741.


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